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1. What is Wing Commander Battle Stations?
Wing Commander Battle Stations (WCBS) is a Fan made Vertical Shooter

2. What is a Vertical Shooter?
Well a Vertical Shooter is a Game were you control a ship, plane, or something view from the top, you have to kill or destroy everything on you path

3. When does the game is going to be ready?
When is't done

4. is there only one person working on it?
Right know is only me, but probably on the future other people might help me

5. How big the game is going to be?
I’m not sure, the game is on an Alpha Stage, but since is a 2D game probably is not going to be so big

6. Will the game have Original Music?
sure It will, I will have Original Music made by the WC Community

7. Can I Help you with the game?
sure you can, I actually need help with Sounds, Music, VoiceOvers, Grafics

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