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To Captain: Gregory Thorn
TCS Tiger's Claw

The Terran Confederation does not know about the course of action we are about to take, this information is highly Classified and I hope you destroy this information after you read it.

Intel have decoded some transmissions about a new Kilrathi Technology been develop deep in Kilrathi Space, I have hired a group of mercenaries to do the job of recognizing and destroying this technology.

This group of mercenaries calls them self IRON LIONS and they will arrive shortly to the TCS Tiger's Claw as normal Confederation pilots, and you have to add them to the Flying rosters ASAP.

You will be responsible for any leak of information and will be consider as an act of treason to the confederation, I know because of you records hat you will handle this situation in a way that can benefit the interest of the confederation.

Admirant Tolwyn


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